Meet the Team


My passion for the beauty and cosmetic industry started at quite a young age of 15 working in a cosmetic/makeup retail store whilst I was in high school. Here I developed a love for enhancing beauty and my ability to connect with customers. I went straight from year 12 into university where I studied Bachelor of Nursing. Funny enough I did not apply for nursing to become a cosmetic injector because back then this ‘career’ was not quite known nor in high demand. I just knew I wanted to have a career something to do with medicine as that was also my passion other than beauty, that might have something to do with my obsession with ‘greys anatomy’. The first 2 years of nursing it still was not clear to me what I wanted to do, so as soon as I graduated, I took a 2-month trip around Europe which was one of the best memories of my life. Whilst studying my nursing degree I also continued to work in retail and became the youngest and successful retail manager in my company at age 19 (yes, I never had any free time).

I knew I was good with people and had a passion for both beauty and medicine, one day I came across an add seeking a cosmetic injector and the rest is history. Perfect! I had finally found a career of people, beauty and medicine all in one! After working in my new field for a year, I quickly excelled and became one of the best injectors in the company and the most loved by my clinics (I was a mobile nurse). I started my own business ‘The Aesthetic You’ in 2016 and since then now have an extensive client base, a thriving and successful business. I am incredibly grateful to all my wonderful clients I would not be where I am today without you all. My biggest achievement along side the business is that I am also a clinical nurse trainer for Allergan. This involves training/educating other injectors Australia wide with my own injecting techniques and consultation process.

My biggest drive for my business is quality of work whilst providing a safe and professional environment. I build a relationship with you by starting off with a very thorough consultation getting to know you as a person, your wants and needs. I normally come across to most as a bubbly and very educational injector who talks a lot! I do think this differs me from others. I will tell you what you do need but also what you do not need to ensure we you make you look your best. I work through transparency, trust and skills to make you look the way you feel!

Kristijana | Registered Nurse

Upon completing my Bachelor of Nursing degree, a lifestyle driven from the passion of medicine, clinical research and helping others opened the door to the world of the ever evolving beauty industry. As a registered nurse, my individuality, drive and refined passion continued to unfold as I joined leading cosmetic and plastic surgeons through multiple reputable clinics throughout Sydney.

Specialising in a variety of surgeries such as liposuction, hair transplants, mummy makeovers and pre/post-operative care, I began to retain an extensive logbook of experience and knowledge in these surgeries.

Further to this, years ahead of working with these leading surgeons, I continued to refine my expertise in facial balancing and anatomy. As a result, this has fuelled my every lasting passion for enhancing natural beauty through thorough skincare and injectable techniques ultimately providing my clients with safe and sustainable results.

Looking to further expand my horizons and knowledge, I then worked in private clinics, where I focused on medical-grade skin procedures, cosmetic injectables, IV Therapy and medical grade skincare. As my dedication and demand intensified, my professionalism and focus shifted exclusively to injectables.

Working closely with skilled dermal therapists representing both myself individually and as team, a collective commitment to the art of enhancing natural beauty was cemented.

Further to this, dedicated time and consistent successful results, ultimately defined my artistry in becoming a lead injector in numerous areas throughout the Sydney region.

Thereon, I am defined by the belief that, through meticulous care and attention to detail, I am able to enhance my clients natural beauty, one injectable at a time.

Dahee | Registered Nurse

Hello, my name is Dahee and I’m currently a cosmetic injector at The Aesthetic You. After finishing my bachelors, I completed my Masters in Nursing to kick start my career as a Registered Nurse at Westmead Hospital. After a few years of clinic experience, I found my passion for helping others feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Over the years as a cosmetic nurse, I’ve developed an eye for detail, facial harmony and safe procedures. 

Whilst the world of injectables can be very intimidating, it is my goal to introduce the world of aesthetics by lessening the burden and fear of needles with in-depth procedure education. 

My ethos is to preserve and enhance your natural beauty, never aiming to upsell procedures or recommend more than what you need. Treatments you receive with me at ‘The Aesthetic You’ are always highly individualised with a goal of achieving overall facial harmony because no two faces are the same. 

Lauren | Clinic Co-ordinator

Hi everyone, my name is Lauren. I am the clinic coordinator here at The Aesthetic You.

I have always been passionate about the beauty industry, I have completed my certificate 2 in makeup and skincare which I then worked as a cosmetic department manager. I then decided to start a new chapter of my life moving to Sydney which led me to working here at The Aesthetic You. 

I absolutely love working as clinic coordinator, I have the pleasure of greeting our beautiful clients everyday and seeing our clients leave so happy with their results.We have an amazing team who are here to assist you in enhancing your natural beauty and achieve your desired results.

I look forward to seeing you all in clinic