Our most frequently questions and answers. If you have any additional questions, please contact us through email or our contact page.

Frequently Asked

All orders orders are processed the next business day. Orders are then shipped via Australia Post and take 1-3 business days to be delivered.

We do not offer refund or exchange for change of mind. Refunds are only available for damaged or faulty products.

This will depend on the type of product used, how much injected, the area injected and the Individuals metabolism. Fillers can last from 3 – 18 months. Everyone is different, you will have a better understanding after the first initial consultation with our registered nurse. 

For accurate prices on both fillers and anti wrinkle injections this will need to be done with your injector within the consultation after assessing your face. However if you ‘contact us’ we can send you a price list for guidance.

Most likely yes, it is after all a sharp object (needle) being poked in your skin. We have many blood vessels under our skin and the likelihood of bruising and swelling is therefore quite high, however everyone will be different. Some cases hardly bruise at all, whilst others may have bruising up to 2 weeks. This all depends on the individuals lifestyle, medications and hormones. This ALSO means that each individual treatment you have, some visits you bruise, some you may not despite having the exact same injector or area treated. We always say just be prepared and expect bruising and swelling, and if you do not get it, then that’s a bonus. Please allow AT LEAST 2 weeks before important events.

Avoid exercise 24 hours BEFORE AND AFTER your treatment. Avoid taking any blood thinners 1-2 weeks before unless instructed by your GP for your health. Blood thinners may include: Aspirin, nurofen, ibuprofen, Voltaren, ALCOHOL, fish oils, vitamins, hair and skin supplements. Other medications can be discussed. If you do bruise, we recommend to still avoid these blood thinners as they can prolong your bruising. Taking ARNICA TABLETS 1 week before and 1 week after your treatment will help prevent your bruise and get rid of it much quicker! 

Apply an ice pack to the treated area over the next couple of days, the more the better. Taking anti-histamine tablets for hay-fever may also help reduce your swelling (ensure to seek approval from your gp if you have any medical conditions).

Yes! Our injector’s are registered nurses who correlate with prescribing Doctors to ensure patient safety and protocol regulations. Our staff constantly are training throughout the year with webinars, workshops and conferences with the latest techniques with the world’s best leading physicians to maintain their best talents and service. 

Yes for lip filler we do. All dermal fillers also have numbing agents to further help the procedure to be as comfortable as possible. Everyone’s experience with pain will be different as everyone has their own pain thresholds. However if cosmetic injections were that painful, it wouldn’t be so common and popular in today’s society.

Your injector will educate you about the difference between dermal fillers and anti wrinkle injections. Both their side effects, longevity, expectations and areas to be injected. Your injector will also assess your face providing a full face analysis to then recommend treatments you need in their expert opinion as well as treating your main concerns. 

At the moment we do not offer payment plans, we take cash, eftpos and Zippay.